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FBA Sahara Bell Tent
FBA Sahara Bell Tent The 3 metre Bell tent is both a distinctive and practical way to camp, it is simple to erect with just a single central pole and guy ropes to stretch the canvas and keep the shape. The design of this tent has withstood the test of time and was in use as military kit in the 19th Century.
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Hurricane Lamp
Hurricane Lamp

These lamps are pure ‘old school’ in design and function. They are fantastic lights that will run for days on a small bottle of lamp oil.

Just unscrew the tank and fill two thirds of the tank with oil. Light the Wick for many hours of light, these are perfect for camping, power cuts or for use at home in the garden.

The lanterns have a small arm on the side to raise and lower the glass globe for lighting the wick. There is also a small round arm that you can turn to raise or lower the wick which can increase or decrease the amount of light.These Lanterns come complete with a funnel for filling the lamp with oil, and also a spare wick.

So how about making your camping trip even more special with one of our lovely lanterns!

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